● Nonwoven hygiene products
Baby and adult diapers: Top sheets, back sheets, ears, tapes, landing zone
Female hygiene: Top sheets, wings
Cleaning wipes: Baby care, cosmetics, etc.

● Nonwoven medical products
Surgeon's mask
Disposable garments
Surgical drapes
Shoe covers

● Nonwoven furniture products
Beds: Mattresses, cushions, bed covers, disposal bedding
Seating: Upholstered backs, sub-paneling, intermediate layers, etc.

● Nonwoven technical products
Geotextiles: Erosion protection, filtration, reinforcement, drainage, separation layers, embankment fortification etc. for streets, dikes, and farms
Structural engineering: Bitumen supports, roof insulation sheeting, diaphragms
Agriculture: Crop forcing nonwovens, insect protection, etc.
Automotive: Inner paneling, sound insulation, insulation, etc.

● Nonwoven packaging products
Tea bags
Clothes packaging.